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    Total powder was not much, but the variety, widely used in recent years slow growth in global consumer demand for the powder. Domestic powder means small, high raw material and energy consumption, production can not meet market demand, imports still is the main way to balance the market gap.

    1. Five types of plastic in the application form the lowest China Petroleum research and development strengths

    An order of magnitude, to apply only when the amount of up to 60 years, while other types of plastic applications has reached more than one hundred years the minimum number of patent applications powder compared with other types of plastic. From the development trend, the domestic powder patent applications from 2000 began to rise later, while powder foreign patent applications show a downward trend since 2000.

    Powder Chinese patent applicants mainly China Petroleum, Bayer and Lanxess, foreign patent applicant by the Japanese company a monopoly. Chinese oil has certain advantages in powder new product development. China PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company in research and development in the powder is very active, and built a 200 tons / year pilot plant powder powder, the product can replace imported powder powder; powder latex impregnated with a carboxyl group has been put on the market; high saturation hydride powder It has also been successfully developed; liquid terminal hydroxyl groups have been mass-produced powder. Currently powder major producing countries are Germany, Japan, South Korea.

    2. domestic research achievements hot concentrated randomness abroad

    Foreign patent relates powder blend of nitrile / resin. Domestic powder patented technology is mainly concentrated in the oil or seal powder, hydride powder, powder powder or liquid powder preparation techniques (C08F236), no powder core technology.

    Foreign powder patented technology is mainly related to powder application (C08L23), apply the proportion accounted for 33%. Among them, the largest Japanese NOK applications, primarily research on composition powder or hydride powder and PVC; Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. to develop a mixture of powder and phenolic resin-based; Yokohama Rubber Company places a pneumatic tire rubber composition (C08L21 ) Patent-based, powder polymerization technique (C08F236) only Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has been involved.

    Domestic and powder technology trends are different. Domestic powder processing application technology patents (C08L) applications from the beginning of an upward trend in 2003, after the formation of a foreign application is peak showed a sharp downward trend in 2000. Research randomness domestic powder polymerization (C08F) technology is relatively large, there is no clear law of development. Annual filings powder polymerization technology patents abroad remained at around 5, and powder polymerization techniques focused on carboxyl powder preparation and powder hydrogenation technology.

    3. Product demand is not focusing on the development and application of high

    Nitrile plant capacity of about 90,000 tons / year, mainly related to the patented technology nitrile powder, liquid nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile butadiene preparation and processing of applications.

    From powder demand, powder powder, liquid powder, hydrogenated powder production and demand is not large. 2008 domestic market demand nitrile powder is about 2000 tons, the production capacity of the liquid powder is 500 tons / year. Hydrogenated nitrile worldwide production capacity is only 22,000 tons / year, consumption is not a few tons. These powders species overall demand is not, therefore, the domestic implementation of intellectual property strategy should be the source of powder innovative strategies, develop high value-added powder products, strengthen research and development and patent protection of core technologies.

    Modification is an important development direction of powder. About one-third of foreign patents powder blending modification technology, mixing technology is mainly involved in the preparation of various heat elastomer powder and synthetic resin (such as PVC). Enterprises need to strengthen our powder blended powder modification to meet the needs of rubber products, expanding powder applications.

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