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    Shenzhen LINKASON TECH Co., Ltd

    Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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    Wire cable is used to transmit power, transmission of information and implementation of a large class of electromagnetic energy conversion electrical products, which is irreplaceable in the economic activity and social life, in different occasions have different requirements. Wherein the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable wire in the civilian car with a large market share by line by line and equipment respect. But PVC wire and cable used in soft PVC in the production process a large number of plasticizer added to make it into a combustible material, therefore, along with economic development, some of the sophisticated equipment, subway, high-rise buildings, power stations and public places such as on the use of PVC wire and cable made of flame-retardant requirements.

    Antimony (Sb, O) is PVC in many applications, a better flame retardant synergist, SbO with halogen, phosphorus and nitrogen-based flame retardant synergists, to achieve good The flame-retardant effect. The past two years, with state control of rare earth resources, antimony metal prices increased year by year, so that the cost of fire-retardant cables increased year by year. In this paper, the plasma production of nanoscale SbO as a flame retardant synergist, study the nanoscale SbO. The application and impact of its combustion PVC cable compound, mechanical properties and thermal aging properties in.


    1. Nano Sb0 impact on PVC cable oxygen index of greater than micron Sb0, when the oxygen index was 35%, the use of nano-micron Sb0 than adding parts by 20%.

    2. Using certain content nano Sb0, for PVC tensile strength and tensile strain have a positive impact.

    3. The use of nano SbO, the samples after heat aging experiments, mass loss rate of change of the tensile strength and tensile strain rate changes over the use of micron Sb0 samples.

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    Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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