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    Antimicrobial effect and the application of various types: the so-called anti-bacterial means in Love will certainly be able to oppress the growth of micro-organisms to multiply. Antibacterial and disinfecting different, he does not apply for legislation to kill harmful microorganisms line, he focused on long-term use of the process inhibit the growth of microorganisms breeding. Inorganic antibacterial agents based antibacterial agent, there are two types of sub-prime antibacterial mechanism. A metal ion-eluting antibacterial mechanism, both in antimicrobial use, the gradual dissolution of the metal ion, and micro-organisms in vivo protein, nucleic acid in the presence of a thiol group, an amino group containing sulfur, ammonia functional group feedback, not broken Best of the cell membrane or cell protoplasm in enzyme activity, which has anti-skill; another affair is oxidized Kang mechanism, both antimicrobial agent in water or an atmosphere of calm self-decomposition of the electron and hole by hole to activate the air oxygen stored oxygen to create its erosion feedback and a variety of microbial organic matter, bacteria break poor organization, arrived antibacterial attainments.

    Users can follow the appearance of application for powder processor, in order to achieve the best cloud in bulk dielectric matrix. Zeolite superior compatibility with resin, silicone type antibacterial agent. Ultra-low toxicity, value Hongzhuang other inorganic antibacterial agent. Nano-antibacterial agent having a titanium dioxide itself both visible and ultraviolet light sterilization, anti-viral, bacterial degradation, inorganics and persuaded, but also has potent antibacterial nano-silver in the absence of light, and kill the virus and persuaded. Nano-antibacterial agents not only kill bacteria, viruses, and can grip the photocatalytic completely dispel deliquescence residue bacteria, viruses. Fine particles of nano-antibacterial agents are single compact nanoparticle diameter flat uniform. The high heat resistance nano-antibacterial agent, can be resistant to one thousand degrees does not change color, do not change the long-term, always pure white snow. Antibacterial mechanism: nano-antibacterial agent at a rate sustained by bundles positively charged silver ions, binds tightly and penetrate bacterial, fungal cell wall, breaking bad microbes electronic transmission trivial, breathing fragmented, energy transmission and thus crushing rushed to kill bacteria thereof; After entering the cell body, but also to react with hydroxyl groups of bacteria, the bacteria's protein aggregation, breaking bad synthetase activity of bacterial cells, the cells lose the fragmentation pattern and multiply skills born Masquerade. In the light of probation, the erosion of state silver ions but also become the focus of the catalytic activity, the laser stagnant water and oxygen in the atmosphere, wit attack with strong oxidizing free radicals and reactive oxygen ions, in the short term to break the poor bacteria reproductive ability, lead to bacterial WTO. When bacterial cells lose activity, silver ions will go free from bacterial cells, has repeatedly sterilize acts. Enron nano-antibacterial agent is good. Nontoxic, does not evaporate, no dissolution, Unfortunate falsely environmental contamination episodes. Nano-antibacterial agent with minimal impact on the transparency or color waste. Nano-antibacterial agents acid, resistance to washing, aging, no resistant bacteria. Antibacterial material refers to a system of killing and threatening bacterial growth of a new class of materials obeyed. The primary points artificial antibacterial agents, inorganic and inorganic three categories. Natural antibacterial agent derived from artificial extracts, such as chitosan, hinokitiol, etc., mainly used in food packaging and other disposable plastic products, with less toxicity, high safety Fu, but life is short, heat poor. Organic antimicrobial agent is a quaternary amine salts factors, alcohols, biguanide material, with rapid onset of strong intellect sterilization nature, but prone to microbial resistance, and are easy migration, heat and poor error in plastic the processing temperature is easy decomposition failure, and decomposition products may cause secondary infection. Inorganic antimicrobial agent by physical adsorption ion exchange nothing, silver, copper, zinc and other metals contained in porous materials attached skin deep, gripping technique antibacterial metal ions, by sustained release disseminated achieve long-term inhibition of target. Inorganic antimicrobial agent does not occur angry resistance and safe non-toxic, particularly its outstanding heat resistance, has obvious advantages of industrial waste in a variety of antimicrobial applications. Inspiration and use inorganic antibacterial agent began in the 1960's, after decades of theory and conduct.

    World countries antimicrobials fortune early primary relegation in daily use and home appliances, in recent years, quickly cut into construction materials, ceramics, fiber products and other areas, people on weekdays campaign to shut part of the article is made of anti-bacterial products. Currently, antibacterial products are recognized as the national States is cross-century environmental protection and well-being products. Full use of antibacterial finished, people can eradicate from the foundation, bacteria and objects, between things interspersed infection. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents, their sterilization, antibacterial effect lasting, harmless, non-irritating to the skin, an insurance, non-toxic products. Half the amount of other inorganic antibacterial agent. High chemical stability and thermal stubborn resistance, can bear high temperature, not easy to change color. Powder small particle size, particle size distribution symmetry, larger than the outer area, after the appearance of resin mixed with a variety of disposal capacity, had no effect on the processing properties of the material and other properties. You can eternity with high data elements combine good chemical stability. PH in a wide field of chemical firm, able to withstand repeated washing surfactant, which does not fall antibacterial. Inorganic silver-based antimicrobial agent, in voluminous metal ions, mercury, silver, cadmium, copper, zinc etc have strong antibacterial skills tricks, but so that the insurance period is limited to non-toxic silver, zinc and copper ions and silver ions antibacterial far only slightly stronger than the other metal ions zinc, copper and the like. Therefore, inorganic silver-based antimicrobial dominant position inorganic antibacterial agent. In accordance with consistent carrier, it has opened a silver-based antimicrobial different varieties, such as: fluorspar silver, charcoal silver, copper, silver phosphate, silver calcium phosphate, silica silver, zirconium phosphate carrying silver, hydroxyapatite silver and so on.

    Keeping supplies in the area: wet wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cosmetics, shampoo, soap, utensils, etc. can take nano-silver antibacterial agents increase. Health areas: nano-silver antimicrobial agents can also be used to disinfect medical instruments, antibacterial influence of medical equipment, such as: syringes, infusion, isolated clothes, sterile clothing, medical masks. Building materials: nano-silver antimicrobial agents may also be used in coatings, paints, wood flooring, ceramics, wallpaper, sanitary ware, decorative materials and so on. The electronics industry: nano-silver antibacterial agent also applies to computers, televisions, phones, cars, and other electronic products antimicrobial sterilization. Textile industry: for textile, fiber Livelihood items, such as a variety of clothing clothing, shoes, socks, gloves, towels, blankets, pillows, sanitary napkins, underwear, bedding, etc. Silver antimicrobial agents, there are some title issues. First, these materials free of silver ions in the sunlight or heating to not be very easy to be reduced to elemental silver and gray or brown, affect the finished color temperature after; since persuaded the inorganic carrier, silver antibacterial agent will issues that affect the finished product is very very filmic transmittance plastic products; Third, because the silver valuable raw material dense, resulting in a silver-based antimicrobial capital has been high. Others, its anti-fungal and mildew poor achievement. These are not necessarily the extent to discourage the use of silver-based antimicrobial agent.


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